Meet the Murphys

Welcome! I’m Amanda, a stay at home mom to 2 kids and housewife to the boy I grew up with. With over a decade of marriage under our belts (and nearly twice that in time together), we’ve had our fair share of adventures and life lessons!

Our son, Finn, is anything but ordinary. He has always been our quirky, hilarious boy and kept us on our toes from day 1. He is the smartest person I know and will tell you how it is, which I admire and know will be a blessing for him in adulthood (so long as I can hold on for the ride!)

Emerson is the kind of girl who loves a good pair of heels, but also isn’t afraid to play in the dirt. Her laugh is contagious and her sass is unmatched, and anyone who gets to know her finds it hard to not fall completely in love with her.

This man right here has spent the better half of our lives by my side. We have gone from teenagers, to adults, to spouses and parents, and I know we have a few more milestones to hit together before it’s all over! We love him fiercely and will follow him wherever this crazy journey sends us.

I am so glad you are here to follow along with our adventures and exploring everything from family favorite recipes, DIY’s and all that comes with surviving military life and motherhood!



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