Alice Angel Costume DIY (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

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In keeping with our Bendy and the Ink Machine costume series, today I will show you how I made my 5 year old her Alice Angel costume! Like any good little sister, Emerson is into all the things her older brother loves. BATIM is no exception. With a main character like Alice, we had lots of different ways we could make her costume. Ink Alice? Classic Alice? Allison? She had her mind made up…classic Alice it is! Her costume was one of the easiest pieces of this whole series. (image found at

When we collected our costume haul, my first instinct is to make the job as easy as possible. I tried to find a premade dress that fit the design of Alice’s and had shoulder straps to it to make it a little more appropriate for a 5 year old, so I opted to make my own. The items we purchased were:
*LG black women’s t-shirt
*white costume gloves
*3 pack of tights
*Halloween Devil horns
*air dry modeling clay
*fabric paint markers
*white ribbon
*small sewing kit

Here’s what we started with, a large V-neck t-shirt. I cut off the sleeves, altered the top so the neckline was not so deep on her, and brought in the sides to make it more fitted. All of this would have been SO much easier with a sewing machine, but since we had recently sold mine, I had to hand sew all the alterations. It wasn’t incredibly difficult, but it did take more time that way.

This is after I completed the alterations. She is very clearly feeling herself and I had to practically pry the dress off of her! All that was left was to make a white bow and hand sew it onto the neckline. Seriously so easy peasy!

On to the horns/halo headpiece! The horns I found were all black and hollow inside the horn. I decided the simplest way to make these come to life was to use air dry modeling clay. I formed the clay around the horns as well as I could and let it dry overnight. When using clay, I always keep a small bowl of water handy to help me wet my fingers and really smooth out the clays texture.

With the clay on the horns, it can add some weight and bulk to the headpiece. So to keep from adding even MORE weight to this (it is for a 5 year old after all) I found a foam circle that I cut a center hole out of. In order to secure it to the headpiece, I used craft matchsticks and hot glue. The hot glue dries in just a few minutes, so I was then able to paint the sticks and headpiece white with craft paint.

The gloves we purchased were elbow length, and Alice has wrist length Mickey Mouse style gloves. I hemmed the edge of the gloves to make them shorter, and then for the detail of the circle on the palms I used my fine tipped fabric marker to draw a circle.

And that’s all there was to it! Here’s the finished look all together with her Bacon Soup candy bucket. I love that you can tell exactly who she is supposed to be, while it also being very age appropriate for her. And she wants to live in this shirt/dress so I guess I will be making more of them in the future!

Keep coming back to see us finish our Bendy and the Ink Machine Halloween costume series! Still to come is my favorite part of making costumes-the props! I will show you how to make Sammy Lawrence’s axe and the Bacon Soup candy buckets! You don’t want to miss it!


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