Sammy Lawrence Costume (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

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If you’re a gamer, chances are you have heard a thing or two about Bendy and the Ink Machine. Or if you’re the parent of a gamer (like myself), you are VERY familiar with these characters. My son is, in a word, obsessed with BATIM (that’s what all the cool kids are calling it, or so I’m told) This is a kid who could not for the life of himself remember where his shoes were this morning, but can recite every single word to the game’s songs. So much so that I could sing along with a good portion of it (thanks a lot Alexa). Well it comes as no surprise that my BATIM loving child chose a character from this beloved game as his costume for this year. Lucky for him, I knew exactly how I could pull this off, props and all! (image found at

Looking at the images I found of Sammy, I was able to make an easy game plan. On hand we already had a black body suit from a previous Halloween costume (a Minecraft Enderman from 2 years ago) so I only needed to purchase a few pieces. We set out to find yellow pants, suspenders, craft paint, and paint markers. I also needed cardboard, a large tin can, and EVA foam for the props, but we will cover that in another post (the props are always my favorite part!)

After a venturing to a few different stores, I was able to find pieces that I could easily alter into exactly what would work for me! For this costume we used:
*yellow women’s ‘jeans’
*yellow women’s tank
*yellow, tan, and black craft paint
* sponges and brushes
*a small sewing kit
*fabric paint markers
(we will cover the rest of the items in a separate post)

This is what we started with. The pants were an XS in women’s, and still a tad big on my 8 yr old. I knew I could hem them up, and we decided that they weren’t so baggy that it bothered him since the suspenders hold them up nicely. I couldn’t find a matching color in the suspenders, so I bought a mustard yellow tank to use as fabric to cover them. I forgot to take pictures of that step, but I just cut the tank down one side and laid it flat. Then I cut out the suspenders shape (allowing a seam allowance) and hand sewed the tank fabric around the suspenders. Once I got the suspenders covered and the pants hemmed, I was ready to start adding the inky details.

The pants and suspenders have a lot of little details on them. The edges and pockets all have small drawing lines on them, and there are ink splatters coming up the leg (I mean, you’re bound to get ink on your clothes when you are an ink monster I guess). In order to keep the paint from seeping thru the fabric, I cut up an old plastic place mat to fit in each leg and in the crotch. I just shimmied it around as things dried and I moved on to another section. I used the thin tipped fabric marker to add all the small lines, along the seams and little details. I used the brush tipped marker to trace the ink splatters that come up the legs, but after trying to fill it in I quickly realized that it was not giving that wet, inky effect like you see on the character. I switched to a small paintbrush and my black craft paint and it worked perfectly!

Here’s a front view of the finished costume. You can see how much darker the ink splatters are in comparison to the drawing lines, and I think it gives it a more authentic look like you see in the game.

Of course we have to also give you a back view! Here you can see how the ink detail continues all the way around the ankles, as well as the drawing details on the pockets and suspenders. I am really pleased with how it turned out and I know Finn loves it. He gets into complete character when he puts it on (this is him slowly shuffling away from me) and is so ready for us to venture out to all our annual Halloween events so he can show it off!

Be sure so keep following along as we continue our Bendy and the Ink Machine costume DIY’s as we cover an Alice Angel costume, Sammy’s axe, and Bacon Soup can candy buckets!


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