Southern Style Lemonade

Kids love lemonade. Adults love lemonade. It is a spring and summer staple for every picnic lunch or barbeque dinner. Like most families, we used to buy the premade stuff (convenience is a big thing when you’ve got kiddos). But have you ever seen the ingredients list on those? Artificial color, artificial flavor, and chemical sweeteners. Yuck.

That got me thinking….how hard is it to just make it at home? I mean, you really only need 3 simple ingredients. Water, sugar, lemons. You get all the flavor and none of the artificial-chemical laden junk. This will be, hands down, the most simple recipe you will have in your arsenal and your family will thank you this picnic season! Scroll to the bottom for the easy to Pin recipe card.

For your prep, all you need is a pitcher, ice, water, sugar and lemons. Ice is optional, but I love a tall cold glass of lemonade and always add it to my prep.

Squeeze the lemon juice into your pitcher. I like using my cupped hands or a mesh strainer to catch any seeds that fall out. Nobody likes seeds in their lemonade. Nobody. Top the lemon juice with your ice, water, and sugar. Stir to combine.

Serve cold and ENJOY! This lemonade is tart and sweet and the absolute easiest thing you will ever make for your family. You will never go back to the premade stuff again!